it's official. We are going to Europe! Matt & I were hoping to go for a friend's wedding in June but wrote if off thinking it would be too expensive but the last week we found flights from sydney---> Paris return for $1100! Insane! So we have snapped them up and I am now dreaming the Sydney summer away with Europe plans. We are planning on doing England, France and Barcelona...
Matt's mum has already promised she will shout us to DisneyLand in Paris and I have already decided I will, of course, wear stripes in France. x

PARIS - image via Tumblr

BARCELONA -image taken by Mish Bell
BARCELONA - image taken by Mish Bell
FRANCE - image taken by Mish Bell


  1. Ohh I miss living in Europe. I think I will need save up some more money to go back there. It is so magical, especially Paris!!

    Luc X


    1. Luc, I had your lovely Paris post in mind when we booked our tickets! xx