I am officially inked! After talking about getting a tattoo for about fifty years, my ballsy friend Cat decided she would make it happen. So off we went to surry hills to seize the day. The man who did it was particularly intimidating and needed to work on his tattoo bed side skills I think. I told him what I wanted and he said he didn't wanna do the heart facing me cos it would 'look like two boobs from upside down'. I persisted and said, I was sure this is what I wanted and he grunted and drew it on. So, hot tip- don't just walk into a random parlour and pick the first artist you see, he might tell you your tattoo will look like boobs. YOLO x.



OH MY GOODNESS. yes, GIRLS is back with it's second season. I feel like I have been waiting for this for so long. Ever since I first discovered GIRLS a few months ago, I felt I'd found a long lost friend I didn't even know was missing. Lena Dunham has talent coming out of her toes - she writes, directs and stars in the show. Impressive as. Coming to our screens Jan 2013. hkjhauiyjkhasdkjhiuyw3em,nbm,nsd is all I have left to say about this.



I'm sure we all agree that coconut seems to be the 'it' new trendy ohhh-so-many-health-benefits food. It has taken me awhile to jump on this band wagon. However two weeks ago, I was introduced to 'CO-YO'.
I have a pretty crazy diet, currently being gluten, dairy and sugar free so finding a new food which I can eat AND is delicious is like 2 new pairs of shoes in one day. It is a big deal. CO-YO is made in Australia and is gluten, nut, dairy and soy free. I expected the yogurt to be watery and bitter but first mouthful I was hooked.  It's creamy, thick and even a little rich! I've only tried the natural flavour but they also do mixed berry and mango which sound just as tasty. Then a couple of days ago, Bondi Healthfoods opened up down the road from our house and tucked away in their freezer I found 'CocoLuscious'. Still reeling from my first coconut experience, I handed over the $11 for half a litre and practically ran home to try it. OH MY. Also free of dairy and sweetened only with agave syrup, this ice cream was so yum. Super creamy again but not sickening like most icecreams and they have the 16 amazing flavours- raspberry, choc chop cookie dough, coffee, blueberry, chai and chilli chocolate. Yes you did just read correctly- chilli chocolate.
 Like anything good for you with great ingredients neither of these were cheap. CO-YO was $8 for 250grams which I could easily have eaten in about 1 second but under the watchful eye of Matt, was forbidden too. And CocoLuscious is about $11-13 depending what health food store. You will have to practise the art of self control but its worth it. get with the cool kids and go coconut.






don't you worry child cos heaven's got a plan for you.
best lyrics ever.



The new Evil Twin summer 2012/13 is here! woop. They are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands- the perfect combination of nineties and grunge. This new collection seems particularly nineties inspired and now they have unisex tops so dudes can enjoy too! Loving that rainbow zebra print skirt and black cropped tank. Find the whole look book HERE



 These tunes sound like sand, ice blocks, freckled skin and evening BBQ's. Come for us summer!!!!!!


Us Sydney siders are lucky enough to have the 'End of the World' Sale take place in Sydney. It happens every year and is many awesome brands (Evil Twin, Mink Pink, Hunt No More, Somedays Lovin) selling with about 80% off. Yeow. I headed down this morning. Slightly overwhelming when chicks and $5 sample sale boxes are involved but alas I managed to come away with some goodies
 including these two skirts. I never have enough bottoms compared to tops but thanks to these two welcome additions, the odds are looking up. I managed to score them both for $25. Yeyah.

Evil Twin suede skirt
Mink Pink skirt



So I purchased these little studs off Ebay awhile ago. They came in at a bank breaking $1 for 100 studs + free shipping. They did take about 3-4 weeks to make it to Australia but can't complain when they were one whole dollar. This is what I had in store for them - my sister gave me these sandals awhile ago. Im not really a sandal person as Id much rather hang out in boots all year round, but this is sometimes just not practical and my feet are crying out for some air. So yesterday afternoon I got busy making these a little more interesting. If you have studs in your eyes too, below is how I did it!

Find yourself some shoes to attack, clear nail polish and a decently thick needle. Mark where you want the stud to go by pressing it over the leather & then make four holes with the needle.

Press the stud into the leather. My studs had 4 prongs but itd be hella easier with two pronged studs.
Yes my fingers were starting to hurt right about now.
Once you're done polish the studs with clear nail polish. I just did this in case they decide to rust or tarnish in a wet situation etc.
and here they are..
Ignore the scuffs! But pretty happy with the final result.



black velvet flatforms- ASOS
so the postman delivered these puppies this morning. I am thrilled. New shoes make me so happy. How wonderfully 90's are they? Matt is not quiet as thrilled, quote 'so why do you like them again?'. So yes, they may well be man repelling shoes but hey ho, the shoe fits and I'm damn well gonna wear it. I foolishly wore them out to an appointment today and managed to lose half the skin off the back of my ankles- I never learn my lesson to WEAR shoes in first! The backs of my ankles are now covered in Barbie plasters. Grand.



My babe of a husband has put together a travel video of our time in Paris <3 and it makes me want to go back so bad! This is only a glimpse of the adventures we got up, there was so much we didn't capture. Please excuse my lack of general knowledge, embarrassing French pronunciation and blonde Eiffel tower moment. Matt thought they were funny. Grand. 
jouir x








 a collection of my favourite images from Pinterest this week! Pinterest proves a constant inspiration for me in home decor, much to Matts dismay- I am rearranging and creating every five minutes. How sick are deer antlers! I need to get my hands on some of them! Also, I am having a wee obsession with camo at the moment and I have been trailing ebay in a hope to stumble upon the perfect camo jacket that will fit a shorty like myself. Height is not an attribute of mine. Happy September weekend! x




I am so excited about this film! Moonrise Kingdom is Wes Anderson's new baby about a pair of young lovers who flee there town causing a local search party to fan out and find them. Wes Anderson is known for his (extremely) quirky pieces but I like how unorthodox his approach to film making is. He also did 'The Life Aquactic' which is one of my favourites. This one has a killer cast too- Edward Norton, Bruce Willis and of course, Bill Murray. Check it out x



These are some snaps from our Bondi to Bronte walk today. The walk is a favourite among the locals and runs along the coastline to the next beach - Bronte.  I am relishing every single moment of living at the beach. There is something about water and expansive scenery which is good for the soul. We found some amazing picnic spots today- I think they'd probably be up there in the top 5 best picnic spots in the world. There is a constant flow of tourists buzzing around Bondi but they are a never ending reminder of how renown the area is around the world and just how lucky we are to be living in it! x p.s check out how clear the water is! mental..



I picked up these today at the local opshop/charity shop today- such finds! I am super stoked on the jacket. It looks like its leather but its not which will make it nice and light for summer. Thanks to Bondi Beaches op shop pricing they came in at a grand total of $22 which is borderline pricing for a charity shop - they are pushing it abit but alas, I could not resist. How yum is the skirt's print.
it is official. Topshop will be opening its doors in Sydney in October. A hugly exciting and dangerous endeavour for all the women in Sydney. Im not sure our wallets will be quite as thrilled. x



 I seem to be on abit of a video buzz at the moment. But this has a lot to do with the fact that since we've moved to Bondi, we finally have endless internet so I am trying to watch every video in the world.

Loving this new single by "Owl Eyes"... in anticipation for her new album coming out! Her voice is dreamy.

This New York duo's song gets me every time it pops through the radio but it is a weirdly creepy song and after watching the video, it's even creepier but none the less- such a captivating tune.

and finally who doesn't love The Temper Trap! This newish song makes me want to run round the streets screaming the lyrics- has quite the passionate effect on me. enjoy your wednesday  x




This song is so good! Matt & I discovered it the other day. It's by a swedish duo. The song's been around for awhile but Im so happy we stumbled upon them- plus this video is insanely cooooool.
feast your eyes. x



I've been meaning to write this post for ages. so here we are - nothing like a monday night to reminisce.
SPAIN SPAIN SPAIN! What a dream it was. Yes, we did only explore Barcelona, but I think the city proved a pretty good indication of the general vibe of Spain. We stayed in the loveliest Bed and Breakfast called 'Casa de Billy' which I would recommend to anyone. Super intimate and no details went amiss.
 Barcelona in some ways felt like a modern Paris, still exploding with history and amazing architecture but also brimming with young people and culture. There was a few adventures along the way - It took Matt and I are fair while to figure out the dining situation ha. I don't think we truly thought tapas was going to be quite so 'real'. We were so pumped on deep fried camembert and mini everything's at the start till we realised we had to order about 23 quantities of the same dish to fill any hint of hunger. Every new country usually involves a dining mishap I reckon though!

AND exploring Antoni Gaudi's trail of creations through Barcelona was the best. He is Spain's most famous architect paving his own way with gothic art and nature influenced styling. His most famous work, the Sagrada Familia, doesn't seem real in actual life. I reckon it kinda looks like this crazy melting cake from the outside. So hectic that the construction of it began in 1882 and it's still not finished!!! That is one biiig building project.

Enjoy the snaps.

and go to Spain. x
Casa de Billy
Plaza Catulunya
Sagrada Familia
roof of Sagrada Familia!!

Caso Batllo
Cathderal de Barcelona
Lost in the Gothic Quarter streets.