Is there really any better combination then peanut butter and chocolate? Nah. Ricotta and honey, tomato and salt and salmon and cream cheese all come pretty damn close for me but I think this one may win out.
I decided to make these last night whilst making dinner and a cheesecake. Our kitchen is spatially challenged at the best of times. By the end of it nearly every dish we owned was being utilised, many balanced precariously on any placement resembling a surface, including the toaster, the lid of the kettle and the floor. Sigh. Never the less, one must persevere and it paid off cos these puppies turned out amazing. Closest version I've made to Reece's peanut butter cups. I will be surprised if you can stop at one.

CHOC PEANUT BUTTER CUPS                                                                                                   

Makes 6 cups (double recipe for more)

Peanut base:
+  1/2 cup natural peanut butter i.e no added sugar or salt
+  1 tbsp natural maple syrup
+  2 tbsp melted coconut oil

Mix above ingredients together in a bowl and dollop a teaspoon into bottom of paper or silicon lined muffin tins. Place in freezer and make choc topping while base is freezing.

Choc top:
+  1/4 cup (or little less if u prefer your choc less rich) cacao powder
+  1 tbsp of natura maple syrup
+  3 tbsp melted coconut oil

Combine above ingredients together well in a bowl and pour a teaspoon over each peanut base. Pop in freezer to harden up and consume baby!

clean recces peanut butter cups



 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' is a 2010 documentary following the journey of an australian dude- Joe Cross as he sets out to regain his health through a juice fast. He fasts from food for 60 days, consuming only juice - and mainly vegetable based juice at that. He was on medication at the beginning of his fast and managed to come off it during the fast, whilst also losing a total of 45 kilos. Amazing. He also meets the loveliest man (Phil Staples) on the way who is also morbidly obese who asks for Joe's help in regaining back his health and life.

I watched this for the first time last week and was super moved and inspired! I loved watching Joe tackle his health head on and learn about the importance of holistic health and nutrition along the way. Even better was watching Joe help Phil. I'm gonna stop typing cos Im gonna ruin the whole thing. You can watch it at the Youtube link below x




hello. I am currently neck deep in exam prep. Bio chemistry & Human Bio. Two very challenging subjects. In between metabolic processes, I keep finding myself jumping on Pinterest. It's so good for the soul. Sometimes you just need visual inspiration for academic motivation ha. Reading 'Never Give Up' in giant pretty letters strewn across my screen actually makes me consider not giving up - as terribly sad as that may sound. For any other tired eyes- feast your wayward wednesday evening hearts. x

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