knit: Don't Ask Amanda

excuse the crap phone quality/  this is my new favourite piece of clothing i think! my mother in law picked it for me as a cheer up present while i was sick a few months ago- i love its crazy length. a killer for getting caught in car doors but its worth it.


tomorrow afternoon Matt and I fly to my epic homeland - NZ. So excited! hopefully the weather resembles something like summer as sydney sun seems to have a mind of its own. below are some pictures from past summers on our little island. Bliss. Bring on the adventures.


M + E

Been swooning over these rings all afternoon. Cindy Lou over at Etsy has her own ring design shop where you can custom design your own ring with chosen initials. A portion of her sales also goes to benefiting a family care and education programme!
 Im thinking this one would look particularly good on my right hand. I'm an absolute sucker for anything with a heart on specially something as sweet as this. You can find Cindy's shop HERE

Hopefully hubsy will stumble across this post in time for christmas... x



so I have just made the transition from tumblr to this little spot. feeling pretty proud of myself after reading about a thousand tutorials on how to transfer all my tumblr posts and successfully pulling it off. small miracle!

in other news, so much to look forward too- NZ in six days for christmas, countless $2.95 mcdonald smoothies to consume over summer, sisters 21st and choosing polkadots for summer.


here comes the sun

so the sugar free diet isnt going so well. I’ve pretty much managed to break it every day. turns out sugar is in everything- tonnes of savoury stuff too. diets are rough guts man. busy week so heres some lazy instagram pictures. instagram is so bloody addictive.



hello rainy wednesday. so here is the latest installment to the flicker films wedding portfolio. Matt and I filmed this on the weekend. The wedding was in the central coast, possibly thee hottest day in the world. after the outdoor ceremony, matt looked like hed had a swim, he was so sweaty. was a breeze to film in every other way as the couple were both stunning and the wedding was so lovely…nice little touches like the photo booth make for a fun video. 




my friend anna sent me this link - it's the second biggest aquarium in the world. I can't think of anything more 
beautiful.. so amazing!


sugar free

ok so I went to see my natural health practitioner lady today and she’s put me on a sugar free diet for at least two weeks.. at least. i said to her this is so unfair and mean as christmas is approaching and all great food that comes with it but apparentely its for my own good. so now feeling very woeful and delicate as i try and push away the sugar cravings/ and it’s only been 2 hours. 

im not even a sweet tooth person but now i can’t have it, i want it even mooore!! traumatising myself with these images.



so matty and I did photos for Shell’s Christmas party last night…It was held at Luna Park and staff got free rides for the first hour followed by canapes by the water oui oui.. just your average christmas party!
Shell definitely knows how to party- they were still going for it at 12am ha. Forty year olds rocking out to Enrique Iglesias’s greatest hits proved pretty entertaining for most of the night.  It was only our second gig doing photos and it is so different to filming.. was tricky using a flash for the first time, but i think we pulled it off. i got to play with some pretty awesome lenses too thanks to a friends kit- big, impressive zoom lenses that made it look like i knew what i was doing.. below are some of my favourite from the night..

lazy sunday

images via Market HQ



i think im getting mildly obsessed with jellyfish. the other day i asked matt that since we’re not allowed to get a cat, could we get one of these. itd make the lounge look pretty insane! he said no.

(by voldy92)


so many exciting things to look forward too!
Summer =
Summer in Sydney & NZ! Christmas & tangerine and grapefruit Iced Tea & living in dresses and cutoffs & staying at the beach all day till you die & iceblocks and watermelon slices as big as your face & driving anywhere with all the windows down. Just cos you can.



so i vowed i wouldnt get instagram// and here i am eating my big fat words. i fear its going to be largely addictive and annoying to all company that has to bear my constant photo taking..ooo
so our lovely newly wed friends jordan and paula are finally together in sydney after polish paula was stuck in her homeland amid visa drama. gelatos and markets and watson bay made for a good saturday adventure x



so excited to see ‘Drive’. Comes out today! Bonus that R Gosling is in it and the cutest Carey Mulligan..



click here for Jos’ bands brand spanking new EP. Nantes are catchy as hell and this little treasure is only 5 bucks. yum!


the best lazy sunday.. some snaps from matts birthday at the winery today. sangria jugs, good company and a very goodlooking man to celebrate.