Hello! I hope anyone who is reading this is well and happy and warm. Im currently rugged up in a cafe with Matt making full use of endless glorious wi fi. A couple of Instagrams  below from this past week...
 I hit the jackpot this week while op shopping. I've had some dry last few months whenever thrift shopping but last week I decided to nip in via the post office and nearly every rack I found something! It was the best.  So I have been frantically sewing and altering these past few days and I can't wait to show you my finds....

7 days today till Europe bound! x
before (left) and after (right) courtesy of a sewing machine needle used as a impromptu tool. ow.

reluctant coat weather..
new lens means a great day
two of our opshop finds!
sat night bondi wines




I have been impatiently waiting to share our new wedding with you and here it is! We had the pleasure of filming our precious friends- Nolan & Jemma for their perfect autumn day wedding! Nolan stems from Alaska and Jems from Melbourne. They are the most dreamy couple- freakishly good looking and SO in love. It was such a pleasure to witness such grand love and play a part in helping everyone remember it forever x 





For date night last night, Matty took me to see The Five Year Engagement. It's pretty rare for us to rock a rom com at the movies but this is so worth the dollars. Jason Segal wrote the film with Emily Blunt in mind to play the lead. They work so well together on screen- tonnes of chemistry and improv. Although you ultimately know how the film will end, there's so many twists and turns to get there, it still feels wildly unpredictable. Highly recommended. Also, Emily Blunt is so hot and I want all the clothes she wears in the film.



so my much anticipated specs arrived! In record speed - 2 days! Feeling ultra 'trendy' as my mother would say. The dread has now gone as I reach for my glasses to read down the super market aisles. 

And below are a couple of snaps from yesterday at Rose Bay. Had to share them- was the most stunning autumn day with the best company..

Also, stay tuned! Cos Handheld Wedding Films have  filmed 3 lovely couples in the last two weeks and I am soo excited to share one of them with you! Our dear friends, Jemma & Nolan tied the knot on Thursday in Kurrajong Heights. It was such a treat to film a couple so utterly in love. Matt is editing it as we speak! xxx