I am officially inked! After talking about getting a tattoo for about fifty years, my ballsy friend Cat decided she would make it happen. So off we went to surry hills to seize the day. The man who did it was particularly intimidating and needed to work on his tattoo bed side skills I think. I told him what I wanted and he said he didn't wanna do the heart facing me cos it would 'look like two boobs from upside down'. I persisted and said, I was sure this is what I wanted and he grunted and drew it on. So, hot tip- don't just walk into a random parlour and pick the first artist you see, he might tell you your tattoo will look like boobs. YOLO x.



OH MY GOODNESS. yes, GIRLS is back with it's second season. I feel like I have been waiting for this for so long. Ever since I first discovered GIRLS a few months ago, I felt I'd found a long lost friend I didn't even know was missing. Lena Dunham has talent coming out of her toes - she writes, directs and stars in the show. Impressive as. Coming to our screens Jan 2013. hkjhauiyjkhasdkjhiuyw3em,nbm,nsd is all I have left to say about this.