I love bliss balls, cookie balls, protein balls, whatever you like to call them. They usually take about 5 minutes to make, everything gets chucked in the food processor -  roll and refrigerate and eat. So hard to muck up. I normally make weekly batches and take them to uni to keep me from eating the desk during the 3 hour long classes.  yes, 3 hours long. I love chocolate bliss balls with dates and coconut oil & nuts but I've recently been enjoying lemon and coconut ones. Lemon + coconut is actually the most tasty flavour combination and a nice change from chocolate. A little less heavy.


+  1/2 cup shredded coconut
+  1 cup almond meal
+  4 tbsp melted coconut oil
+  3 tbsp rice malt syrup/ honey
+  juice & zest of 1 lemon
+  tsp of vanilla essence (optional)

Chuck everything in the food processor and blend. Adjust to taste- adding more rice malt syrup or honey if desired. Roll into balls. Then roll in shredded coconut or sesame seeds. Pop in fridge to firm up. * I havent tried freezing these balls but they could be delicious enjoyed frozen! :)

Drink with tea or anything that makes you happy x



I have always been a big fan of Sukin skincare. They are an Australian based organic, vegan, skincare range. I've used their cleanser and moisturiser for a few years and last week they had a competition on Instagram to win $100 worth of their products from their online store and I was lucky enough to win! I never win anything! I feel like everyone says that but it's true. Last thing I remember winning was a mcdonalds colouring in competition when I was 7- so naturally I was extremely chuffed with this winning prize upgrade.

One of the most wonderful things about Sukin is how affordable their products are. For 100 bucks, I managed to score six products which is nuts. Since skin is the largest organ of the body (everyone forgets that!) it's so important we look after it instead of suffocating it with toxic junk which makes up most commercial skincare..
Sukin stuff all has
- no sulphates
- no proplyene glycol
- no artificial colours
- no parabens
- no artificial fragrances
- no animal derivatives
- no triethanolamine

In other words... just all the good stuff. The stuff a normal human being can read on a label without requiring a chemistry degree to understand it. Think Aloe Leaf juice, Vitamin E, Rosehip oil, Lemon myrtle. Food for your skin. And all for under $20 for nearly all their products- which is pretty unheard of in 'stuff-thats-really-good-for-you' world. A moisturiser will set you back about $8.95. Pennies!

Anyway, my favourite products I've tried so far from this little treasure bundle have been the night moisturiser, rosehip oil and clay face mask. I get hectic dry skin in winter... the adventures that come with having an auto immune condition also mean that any changes in my body always outwork them self onto my skin. Most mornings this winter I've woken up and my skin is so thirsty and dry.  The other night I slathered the night moisturiser all over my face, mixed with a few drops of rose hip oil and when I woke up in the morning, I kid you not - skin wasn't dry. First time in a few months, it still felt soft and hydrated after a nights sleep.

Anyway, enough typing. Go and try it. I can proudly say Sukin have successfully roped me in as a ranting, happy fan. To happy healthy skin x