knit: Don't Ask Amanda

excuse the crap phone quality/  this is my new favourite piece of clothing i think! my mother in law picked it for me as a cheer up present while i was sick a few months ago- i love its crazy length. a killer for getting caught in car doors but its worth it.


tomorrow afternoon Matt and I fly to my epic homeland - NZ. So excited! hopefully the weather resembles something like summer as sydney sun seems to have a mind of its own. below are some pictures from past summers on our little island. Bliss. Bring on the adventures.


M + E

Been swooning over these rings all afternoon. Cindy Lou over at Etsy has her own ring design shop where you can custom design your own ring with chosen initials. A portion of her sales also goes to benefiting a family care and education programme!
 Im thinking this one would look particularly good on my right hand. I'm an absolute sucker for anything with a heart on specially something as sweet as this. You can find Cindy's shop HERE

Hopefully hubsy will stumble across this post in time for christmas... x



so I have just made the transition from tumblr to this little spot. feeling pretty proud of myself after reading about a thousand tutorials on how to transfer all my tumblr posts and successfully pulling it off. small miracle!

in other news, so much to look forward too- NZ in six days for christmas, countless $2.95 mcdonald smoothies to consume over summer, sisters 21st and choosing polkadots for summer.