I stumbled across this last week. Watch it. I instantly could relate to it and Im pretty sure most of us could. Its a strikingly crude reminder of just how crazy our phone obsessions are.

I always find myself default reaching for my phone. So lame. I catch the train every day and Ive started noticing that the first thing people do when they sit down is get out their phone and seemingly immerse themselves in the important business of 'Dont- talk- to- me- I'm- on- my- phone'. There's so many times Matt and I will be dating or watching a movie together but be on our phones at the same time- one stimulation isn't enough anymore! Well, I for one am putting my foot down (as best I can). Phones are great and helpful but I'm not keen to miss out on life and people for the sake of a silly little screen. You only live once, let's not waste it on our bloody phones. x

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  1. so true. my students actually had a tantrum when I took banned their phones for 20 mins... i have also kinda noticed that most people who are always on their phones have iphones. if your phones crappy you don't really want to be on it. I get so mad when people have two stimulations going at the same time!