I love bliss balls, cookie balls, protein balls, whatever you like to call them. They usually take about 5 minutes to make, everything gets chucked in the food processor -  roll and refrigerate and eat. So hard to muck up. I normally make weekly batches and take them to uni to keep me from eating the desk during the 3 hour long classes.  yes, 3 hours long. I love chocolate bliss balls with dates and coconut oil & nuts but I've recently been enjoying lemon and coconut ones. Lemon + coconut is actually the most tasty flavour combination and a nice change from chocolate. A little less heavy.


+  1/2 cup shredded coconut
+  1 cup almond meal
+  4 tbsp melted coconut oil
+  3 tbsp rice malt syrup/ honey
+  juice & zest of 1 lemon
+  tsp of vanilla essence (optional)

Chuck everything in the food processor and blend. Adjust to taste- adding more rice malt syrup or honey if desired. Roll into balls. Then roll in shredded coconut or sesame seeds. Pop in fridge to firm up. * I havent tried freezing these balls but they could be delicious enjoyed frozen! :)

Drink with tea or anything that makes you happy x

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  1. I cannot wait to make these! ps. haven't been here in a while so might post a few comments.....