I have been missing in action a little bit lately. Alot has already happened in Matt and I's world this year! Two weeks ago I bit the bullet and signed up to the Endeavour college of Natural Health for a Bachelor in Naturopathy. Big deal! I have always had a passion for alternative medicine so this is exciting for me. I have also been drowning in residency paperwork as Im also applying for permanent residency so in a couple of years I can get all the (study) perks that come with citzenship. The australian government certainly doesn't make it easy. They have lovingly jacked up the cost of applying as of January by $1000. So happy new year to me. One must do what one has to do though. and I must do this.

Anyway, this afternoon I stumbled upon this beautiful poem. Made my heart utterly swoon- so pretty. I am currently reading 'The Bronze Horseman' which must be contributing to this endless feeling of romance... enjoy x

  You are the dew and I am the earth,
   who awaits for the morning.
  You are the wind and I am the tree,
   where the wind will descend.
 You are the fire and I am the dry land,
 that will revive to life.
 You are the ocean and on its offing
  I will listen to the song of the ocean.

We belong together like the heaven and the earth,

we cannot be apart.
 We belong together like a storm and the night,
 your wave hitting my shore.
We meet in a moment of forever,
 when we burn blazing.
 When your memory has dissolved in sand,
 the undying love will live on.

You are the heaven and I am a swallow,
who soars to you.
You are the wind and I am the tree,
where the wind will descend.
You are a stream and I am the moon,
 that reflects on the water.
You are a spring and on the verge of it
 I will bow, thirsty.
You are the ocean and on its offing
 I will listen to the song of the ocean.

-Anna-Mari Kaskinen

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