Matt and I saw this the other night- our first official date since we've been Bondi bound! Neither of us consider ourselves a big spiderman fan at all but this movie proved worth the 136 minutes of running time. Firstly, Andrew Garfield is a hundred times less annoying then Toby Maguire. Toby Maguire has this confused, naive look permanently planted on his face which he seems to utilise in every film. I never believed him flailing around in that red spandex but Andrew Garfield is a different story. I read interviews with him re the film and Spiderman's been his hero since he was a kid so he had a strong allegiance to the story and took the role really seriously which shows when you watch it.
Plus, cos Emma Stone and Garfield are lovers in real life, they have the cutest on screen chemistry! I honestly believed he would truly launch off any perilous web in order to save her. True Love.

Go watch! x

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