well it has taken me so long to get around to writing this. we now have a dial tone in our new little bondi home so the prospects of internet are itching higher as we speak. what a treat it will be to be connected to the world again. endless skype and video watching= too good for words!

anyway, digressing...
Matt and I went to (hell yes) Paris last month!
we were there for a glorious week and stayed in Montmatre and Jourdain. Paris is a funny city and some people seem to have a strange aversion to it. Before we left a tonne of people said Paris, quote: "smells like pee, and is dirty and overated." I was very keen to make my own opinions about the popular city and was so unsure what to expect.

I don't what the hell people are talking about  - Paris rules!!
It was like a holiday for every sense. The smells, the people, the food, the language, the culture, the history, the buskers, the cafes, the crepes. The best decision we made was staying in local's apartments instead of hotels. We found Airbnb through a friend and they allow anyone to rent out or stay in a locals apartment at your chosen destination. It's so easy to organise and meant we had a whole apartment to our self in Montmatre for $85AUD/night for the both of us! It beat staying in a stuffy hotel room for a thousand dollars a night. It was cool doing it that way too cos we felt like locals, armed with the apartments building code and all the owners local knowledge about the best places to go and the ones to avoid.

There's so many wonderful things about Paris that make it so unique. The pace of the city is so much slower then I'm used too in Sydney. I never saw anyone running around with takeaway coffees or gross petrol station sausage rolls but the french seem to have this wonderful ability to dictate life at their own pace. They'll sit and enjoy a coffee with someone for hours if they want. I don't know if they have an abundance of time or they just make time to value slowing down and enjoying life. Whatver it is- it's a quality the ratrace cities should learn to embrace. I could probably rant on for twenty pages about everything I learnt and saw in Paris but ultimately it was the best place I've been so far. To me, Paris was like wandering through a film set- where you just can't quite believe anything you're seeing is actually real. History abounds in every single building and cobblestone.

Maybe the Paris haters like to diss the city cos they consider it too 'mainstream' now and it sounds far more cultured to rave on about the "south of France".
Well I don't think it does. And I don't think I will ever be ready to discount the woo of the city of lights. Oui.
paris apartment living x
view from Sacre Coeur
luxemborg gardens
the lourve
top of the eiffel tower!
the pantheon

je t'aime x


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    1. Thanks MISSIFFA! you're too sweet. Can't believe someones actually reading my rambles! I will check out your blog! xx