On Sunday was Matt and I's first year anniversary- flippen crazy it went so quickly. Ironically, we were filming a couple's wedding in the Hunter Valley- twas a very long day by the end of it but was nice to still celebrate love even if it was someone else's!

I am a lucky girl. Matt knows my heart is full of him, Jesus and shoes so he bought me some shoes I'd been eying up on a friend. Aren't these a beaut! Also, they were insanely reduced from $200 to $30. These have won my heart and will likely be following me into bed tonight. Despite the fact it is 16 degrees today, my toes will have to brave the cold cos these bad boys are staying on. 

I have learned a lot this year. Marriage is sometimes like this big fat kick in the face then look in the mirror. In it's perfect form, it's the most sacrificial and rewarding thing all at once. We've been learning how to work along side each other in business while waking up beside each other. For some couples, I'm sure it would be there worst nightmare but we really like it. I feel super grateful we're able to build something together and sharpen each other's skills. I can't wait for the all next anniversaries! x

Wedding snaps by Danelle Bohane

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