So I purchased these little studs off Ebay awhile ago. They came in at a bank breaking $1 for 100 studs + free shipping. They did take about 3-4 weeks to make it to Australia but can't complain when they were one whole dollar. This is what I had in store for them - my sister gave me these sandals awhile ago. Im not really a sandal person as Id much rather hang out in boots all year round, but this is sometimes just not practical and my feet are crying out for some air. So yesterday afternoon I got busy making these a little more interesting. If you have studs in your eyes too, below is how I did it!

Find yourself some shoes to attack, clear nail polish and a decently thick needle. Mark where you want the stud to go by pressing it over the leather & then make four holes with the needle.

Press the stud into the leather. My studs had 4 prongs but itd be hella easier with two pronged studs.
Yes my fingers were starting to hurt right about now.
Once you're done polish the studs with clear nail polish. I just did this in case they decide to rust or tarnish in a wet situation etc.
and here they are..
Ignore the scuffs! But pretty happy with the final result.

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