I'm sure we all agree that coconut seems to be the 'it' new trendy ohhh-so-many-health-benefits food. It has taken me awhile to jump on this band wagon. However two weeks ago, I was introduced to 'CO-YO'.
I have a pretty crazy diet, currently being gluten, dairy and sugar free so finding a new food which I can eat AND is delicious is like 2 new pairs of shoes in one day. It is a big deal. CO-YO is made in Australia and is gluten, nut, dairy and soy free. I expected the yogurt to be watery and bitter but first mouthful I was hooked.  It's creamy, thick and even a little rich! I've only tried the natural flavour but they also do mixed berry and mango which sound just as tasty. Then a couple of days ago, Bondi Healthfoods opened up down the road from our house and tucked away in their freezer I found 'CocoLuscious'. Still reeling from my first coconut experience, I handed over the $11 for half a litre and practically ran home to try it. OH MY. Also free of dairy and sweetened only with agave syrup, this ice cream was so yum. Super creamy again but not sickening like most icecreams and they have the 16 amazing flavours- raspberry, choc chop cookie dough, coffee, blueberry, chai and chilli chocolate. Yes you did just read correctly- chilli chocolate.
 Like anything good for you with great ingredients neither of these were cheap. CO-YO was $8 for 250grams which I could easily have eaten in about 1 second but under the watchful eye of Matt, was forbidden too. And CocoLuscious is about $11-13 depending what health food store. You will have to practise the art of self control but its worth it. get with the cool kids and go coconut.




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