Hello. I have to share with you these homemade bounty bars. These are so tasty!! The recipe is from Health Yeah and I've made it quite a few times now. It's so easy and no bake (of course). Yah! Stuff the oven in Sydney summer heat.
The longest part of this recipe is covering your little bars in the chocolate. I caved last time I made it and  just covered them with Green and Blacks organic chocolate but coconut oil choc is so easy too. Enjoy.

Clean Eating Bounty Bars:

For the centre:

+  2 cups shredded coconut
+  1 cup of coconut milk/cream
+  3 Tbsp coconut oil
+  4 Tbsp pure maple syrup
+  pinch of seasalt

For the chocolate coating:

+  Green & Blacks organic chocolate or any good quality dark chic

or make your own:

+  5 Tbsp coconut oil
+  3 Tbsp cacao 
+  2 tsp maple syrup

1. In a pan combine the coconut milk/cream, coconut oil and maple syrup. Heat gradually on low heat till thoroughly mixed together.
2.  Stir in the shredded coconut and spoon mixture into a dish lined with baking paper. Place in the fridge and allow to cool and set. Mine normally take a solid 3-4 hours. Best to leave overnight.
3. Once set, cut into bars.
4. Melt chocolate over steaming water and using a spoon and some nifty handiwork, coat each bar in chocolate. Place back in freezer to allow chocolate to set.

I store these in the freezer and you can honestly keep them for ages. They're stay so nice and chilled. Little bars of heaven deliciousness x

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