For the past few weeks at Uni we've been studying macro minerals and trace minerals as part of our nutrition subject. One of the trace minerals we covered this week was Fluoride. We probably all associate fluoride with healthy teeth and believe its a highly necessary mineral. Interestingly, fluoride isn't considered an essential trace mineral but rather is of benefit. This video highlights some very valid points. Australia, along with the USA fluoridates its water supply, despite the mineral not even being essential to our health. Over 70% of Australia's water supply is fluoridated. The research doesn't diminish the benefits of fluoride applied topically to teeth but it is increasingly highlighting the potentially serious, adverse effects of internally consuming fluoride- such as in drinking water.
What is also tricky, is that many water filters and purifiers also contain/add fluoride. This was all rather confronting information for me! I don't have any answers but I would rather get amongst this issue then avoid it. Have a watch x

For an overview of the scientific literature on the health effects of fluoride - you can find out more HERE

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