'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' is a 2010 documentary following the journey of an australian dude- Joe Cross as he sets out to regain his health through a juice fast. He fasts from food for 60 days, consuming only juice - and mainly vegetable based juice at that. He was on medication at the beginning of his fast and managed to come off it during the fast, whilst also losing a total of 45 kilos. Amazing. He also meets the loveliest man (Phil Staples) on the way who is also morbidly obese who asks for Joe's help in regaining back his health and life.

I watched this for the first time last week and was super moved and inspired! I loved watching Joe tackle his health head on and learn about the importance of holistic health and nutrition along the way. Even better was watching Joe help Phil. I'm gonna stop typing cos Im gonna ruin the whole thing. You can watch it at the Youtube link below x


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