Last night I watched a documentary on ABC iview called 'Face Facts: The Truth About Botox'. It was rather shocking in parts. Botox is produced from botulinim toxic. As the name suggests, it's a toxin - more specifically, a bacteria. It works by blocking a neurotransmitter release and causing muscle paralysis. This doco showcased some nasty side effects from Botox. One woman had had it injected into her lips a few years ago, had an immediate reaction and has now lost virtually her entire upper lip. Nice.

So instead, with the use of humble household items, you can nourish your skin, keep your top lip and say no to a frozen face. I can personally vouch for the use of coconut oil. And apple cider vinegar on hair. It works as a conditioner as well but be prepared to smell like vinegar. Matt noticed.

Happy winter skin


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