hell yes! I stumbled across this in a natural health magazine today. After doing some research found that in 1858 one of the founders of microbiology, Louis Pasteur discovered that garlic could kill bacteria. Science has now proved that one milliliter of garlic juice is just as effective at killing bacteria as 60mg of penicillin. I was so stoked to stumble across this cos I have always been a big fan of eating garlic at any sniff of a cold. I was debating this with a friend the other day - they said that medicine offered more assistance than garlic when a cold hits. But this proves them wrong! Garlic is natures best antibiotic, it will also help regulate your blood sugar levels, blood pressure and promote heart health while it's at it.

In other news, I have decided to direct my little corner to of the internet more towards health and food. Im studying naturopathy at the moment and feel like I am living and breathing it so I want to be able to share it. Even if it is to my gigantic audience of 4 readers. Hi mum.

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  1. I read all of your posts Elle :) xx Alex