Hello! I hope anyone who is reading this is well and happy and warm. Im currently rugged up in a cafe with Matt making full use of endless glorious wi fi. A couple of Instagrams  below from this past week...
 I hit the jackpot this week while op shopping. I've had some dry last few months whenever thrift shopping but last week I decided to nip in via the post office and nearly every rack I found something! It was the best.  So I have been frantically sewing and altering these past few days and I can't wait to show you my finds....

7 days today till Europe bound! x
before (left) and after (right) courtesy of a sewing machine needle used as a impromptu tool. ow.

reluctant coat weather..
new lens means a great day
two of our opshop finds!
sat night bondi wines


  1. lovely photos! that coat looks super nice! xx


  2. Cute topshop outfit! Hope you have a great time in Europe! I tagged you in the Liebster Awards for bloggers with less than 200 followers! Please have a look on my blog for more info!