had a very reflective sort of day. when I get in one of those moods, it's often not the most beneficial thing as I start reminiscing about my entire life. but I was flicking through old pieces of writing and found this. I think I sound very young in it but I still identify with most of it. I remember I wrote it during a season of change and lots of people were coming in and out of my life and it all felt a bit much.


today i was thinking

thinking. how crazy and confusing it is that sometimes we never get to say the things we want to say the most, to the people that matter to us, the most.
sometimes we dont even realise. all the things that are mixed up within us that are deep. and running around trying to get out. things that have made us who we are, what we are. in moments, in thoughts, in memories, in experiences, in love.

the parts and pages of who we are that sometimes feel too hard to let anyone else see, but they are the things that so often are crying to be on display, to be heard and appreciated.... the deepest hurts, the hardest memories, the feared words, the cruelest experiences that we hope will dissolve or grow gentler in time...maybe they are there, so i may learn the bravery to conquer the fear of revealing those things which are dearest and closest and most fragile to my heart.

sometimes i wanna run away to Greece and forget that life is real. and feeling and crazy.
to stop breathing and hold the moments cos the fear of the unknown seems too overbearing. yet too much of me longs to keep running and fighting and dancing all at once. too take flight and continue to trust in the knowledge and faith of my foundness and its purpose. sometimes it all feels terribly complicated. sometimes it is, sometimes there's no explanation.

i dont wanna miss the adventure cos i stood frozen in the fragilities of my heart.
in all of the wonders and fears and memories and love can the loudest truths be found.

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