ive been thinking lately how we box god into our formulas and methods. we create 5 step programs -‘10 steps to financial blessing’. that’s how the world works. you do these things and you’ll get this result. but this takes the mystery out of God. it robs the wonder of who He is. i think there are godly principles which can be applied to all areas of our lives but they differ to steps and methods. i always want to maintain God as a mystery. as long as he stays a mystery, i wont be able to work him out therefore he remains god and i remain not. 

similar to healing. we want to understand. we want to know ‘why’. we want to kick and scream when it doesn’t happen. but god is beyond our black and white approaches. he is not in heaven with his magic wand watching us plead him to wave it at our ailment. he can heal. it not my right or my job to ask whether he will. he is sovereign and i am not. 

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